The State-Trait Hopelessness Scale (STHS)

Hopelessness may represent a temporary response (state) or a chronic outlook (trait). Common hopelessness measures fail to differentiate state from trait hopelessness, a potentially important differentiation for treatment. The State–Trait Hopelessness Scale (STHS) was developed in 2013 by Dr. Susan Dunn. The State-Trait Hopelessness Scale (STHS) is copyrighted; therefore, no question or portion of the STHS can be used or adapted apart from the instrument as a whole without the express written consent of the author. If you would like to use the State Trait-Hopelessness Scale, please contact Dr. Susan Dunn for further details.

Use the State-Trait Hopelessness Scale

Other Study Tools

In addition to the State Trait Hopelessness Scale, variables for the study’s aims, hypotheses, and potential mediators, covariates and secondary outcomes will be measured using these following tools. Descriptions of each tool and concepts measured by each tool are listed below.